Colocated Events

There will be two events related to LORI VI. They are ``LORI MEETS LOG-UCI'' and ``LORI VISITS A CAFE''.


LOG-UCI (Logic of Utterance-Context Interaction: an interdisciplinary study of the logical dynamics of the interaction between utterances and social contexts) is a five year research project funded by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP 17H02258). It was launched in April 2017. Main researchers are Tomoyuki Yamada (Hokkaido University, Philosophy), Mamoru Kaneko (Waseda University, Economics, Game Theory), Satoshi Tojo (JAIST, Artificial Intelligence), and Katsuhiko Sano (Hokkaido University, Logic). As the fact that three of them have participated in earlier editions of LORI shows, their research interests are closely related to LORI. There will be a poster exposition of this project in the venu of LORI VI during LORI VI.


One of our invited speakers, Professor Alan Hájek, will give a public talk titled ``A Plea for the Improbable: Philosophy of Very Low Probability'' on 12th September in a science cafe (19:00 to 20:30) organized by CoSTEP of Hokkaido Univeristy.

CoSTEP is an educational organization for science and technology communication in Hokkaido University. You can learn what CoSTEP is from the web-site of CoSTEP.

This event will be held in a real cafe inside University Museum of Hokkaido University. His talk will be interpreted into Japanese. To participate, registration (distict from the registration for LORI VI) is necessary (first registration, first served, 30 people) and minimum one drink (350-500 JPY) per participant will be required.

Detailed information on this event and the registration form can be found at this page.